The Salt of Life

This NGO fights against inequalities, obstacles of all forms, impediments to live in his daily life the fundamental rights.

Composed of members of the educational community spread in Marseille, small neighborhood associations, families and parents, there are all involved in educational issues, training, sport and leisure, solidarity.

The Salt of Life is a:

Vision :

Of nurturing trust. Carrying trust:

Energy in project
Action towards inclusion
Fight against inequality of situations
Construction of transformations and emancipation trajectories


Fight against determinisms

Fight against determinisms, obstacles and impediments to becoming.

Fight against unequal trajectories

Make obsolete the assertion of the artist Ben who sums up all the studies on the inequalities of life situations, of trajectories: « Coming prevents from, prevents from becoming » to make that coming from, must no longer prevent becoming.


Starting from the life experiences of the public concerned, their knowledge, know-how to realise:


Shared observations on the problems experienced, the levers for action.


Co-construct support responses towards transformations and emancipations.


Articulate support responses with institutional actors, private actors for results that promote inclusion, empowerment, integration, social cohesion.

The Salt of Life in summary:


In 20 months of existence (born July 14, 2020): it is already 21 projects and actions deployed in the field carried by actors and volunteers involved.


It is the co-construction from the needs and problems identified in sharing with the actors in the field (associations, families and committed parents)


It is a 360 degree vision that starts from the field and its complexities.


Projects in education, training, sports and leisure, solidarity:


Learner quarters in the QPV (priority neighborhood) of Marseille (La Castellane, La Bricarde, La Savine, Les Flamants, La Cravache, Font-Vert, Saint-Barthelemy, Plan d’Aou)


Learning Holidays


Learning Colos with the DRAJES, the Rectorate of Aix-Marseille, the Z5 (Zidane Football Club) Toussaint holidays 2021;


Detection, (re) construction, support and integration of dropouts young people from QPV of all school levels with the DRAJES, the Rectorate of Aix-Marseille


Solidarity and Social Mobile Informatics Team (EMISS): IT equipment, training and dedicated line for small neighborhood associations, at the foot of the building.


MEDENPHARMAKINE social and solidarity medical school with the first Arc en Ciel promotion (2019/2020), the second Axel KHAN promotion (2021/2022), the third Frantz Fanon promotion (2022/2023) in partnership with Impact Jeunes, Caisse des dépôts and Consignments, Apprentis d’Auteuil Foundations:

– Train, support the success of future doctors and specialists

– Fight against medical deserts.

These are other projects to come to irrigate, expand, strengthen social cohesion, equal rights, inclusion, lifelong training in particular: all these projects concern young people from the QPV of the territories of Marseille and beyond.

Our Actions

MEDENPHARMAKINE social and solidarity medical school

Training hub

Digital hub

youth seminar and neighborhood commitments

MEDENPHARMAKINE social and solidarity medical school

Médenpharmakiné is a Social and Solidarity School created by the association The Salt of Life. It is a free training in medical competitions for high school and university students in order to prepare for competitions and studies of excellence. This educational and social innovation school is built on the following values:


Equality between women and men

In the recruitment and the team of tutors in charge of training.


Social inclusion

And greater accessibility to health studies



To strengthen social cohesion, positive emulation and mutual aid by sharing know-how and numerous skills.



By sharing knowledge and expertise to advance and achieve success.

Digital Hub

We offer training in the digital sector as tools for inclusion and citizen transformation.

They trusted us

Some testimonials from people who have benefited from the various programs of the association The Salt of Life

This is an amazing journey, that of Sammy Hamidi, child of Canet (14th). Altruism, he has had it in him since childhood and as far as he can remember, a small voice has always whispered in his ear: « Medicine… why not? » But… « When we were kids, there was this girl in the neighborhood who crushed everyone with her school results. She was the best of all. And then she passed the entrance exam in Medicine and she missed. I couldn’t help but say to myself: if she, she missed it, then me, it’s not even worth thinking about it ».

Sammy will do further studies and obtain a master’s degree in finance and insurance. Tell yourself that, however, the voice does not go out. « I am 26 years old, I have embarked on a path that does not have the meaning that I would like to give to my life. If you want to go, it’s now or never ».

Sammy goes. And he succeeds. Soon, he will enter the third year of medicine and when he heard about this stable, inevitably, it resonated with him.

« What is important is not so much the math lessons that I can give, but above all, the approach: de-dramatize, rest, get organized. To pass this competition is to be crushed in a machine where we no longer have any perspective on what we are learning. You have to be prepared for what is going to fall on you and that is what we are trying to convey »

Sammy Hamidi

Medecine studient, 28 years old

Alex is a pure activist, it is then his need to participate in social justice, which led him to type a keyword, on a very specialized internet newspaper: « Ecurie sociale ». « I wanted to get involved in the transmission but I did not want to participate in the paid system. So I came across the stable of Salim and Aïssa Grabsi and sent an email ». Email, well received. The team discovers a young man with very clear ideas who is destined for neurology or oncology: « Medicine is financed by the State and even if there is the stable of the faculty, fortunately moreover, I I find it a pity that one can only aspire to the profession of doctor if one has the means to finance a preparation. Doctors are paid by the taxes of all the workers of France, and I think that it would be normal that the we can select them not because they have had the means to afford a team, but simply because they are the best ». Alex himself had to make sacrifices when he competed. « Our means are not unlimited and, in my stable, I had to give up certain options which had to be compensated by hard, very hard work. Allowing those who do not have the means to prepare for this profession, it does not only benefit the students but the whole country because it will be a fairer, more equitable country. So I have chosen to participate in the action of this social stable, to put things back on an equal footing « .

Alex Bronsard

Tutor in second year of medicine, 19 years old

Deciding on a job, fighting in a very modest environment to give yourself the best chance, overcoming obstacles alone, facing the judgment of others… Farès is acutely aware of this: « All this work is my mother who made it, not me ». His mother who, today, is head of department in a Marseille hospital. « Clearly, his career has facilitated mine. When we choose to take this competition, the whole family takes it with us and I was lucky to be accompanied in this reality by parents who learned the codes alone ». Farès was prepared in a traditional stable. « I doubled up with the social stable where I could call anytime in case of doubt ». Get up at 6am. Course work the day before until 8 a.m. 8 a.m. to noon: video course. One hour for lunch, morning class work until 4 p.m. 30-minute break and return to classes until 9 p.m. One hour for dinner and recovery until 11 p.m. Every day, the same program except Friday from 7 p.m.: « There, I was resting, I was seeing friends, I was watching a film… It was off. With hindsight, I am surprised at what I I did for a year. But at the time, you don’t even realize it ». The work paid off. In writing, Farès obtained an average of 16.6 and 90 places ahead. « This year was transitional. Admissions were split between those taking the exam for the first time and those repeating. It was a lot of stress. » Fares was received. He is destined for the profession of surgeon.

Farès Bouchenot

Tutored, freshly graduated, 28 years old

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