The Salt of Life

« Coming from should not, and must no longer, be an impediment to becoming »

Credit Cooperative Foundation Award for Inspiration in Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) Departmental and regional winner.

Medical preparatory class


The Pillars of the Salt of Life » NGO

The Salt of Life is a Marseille-based association governed by the 1901 law, dedicated to fighting inequalities and overcoming any obstacles that hinder fundamental rights in everyday life.

Bringing together educational actors, local associations, and families passionate about education, training, sports, leisure, and solidarity, we work together for a fairer and more united future.

Our actions

Educational Excellence towards Health Professions

Support, Train, Guide towards Excellence in Health Studies with the Social, Solidarity, and Responsible « Médenpharmakiné » Prep School.

  • Health Excellence for High School
  • Health Excellence for PASS
  • Health Excellence for LAS

Sports and Socio-professional Integration

« The Mum’s Set Sail », Discovering and training for careers in nautical activities and marine trades, particularly by:

  • Learning to swim and obtaining a lifeguarding certificate (BEESAN).
  • Acquiring a boat license in anticipation of the 2024 People’s Olympic Games.

Review the Furrows

« The Furrows… »: Annual journal focusing on experiential knowledge and practices enlightened by contributions from social science researchers during seminars:

▪ Youth and Commitment in Working-Class Neighborhoods (June 2022)

▪ « The Furrows… Knowledge and Relationships to Knowledge (January 2024) »

Rapid Educational Action Force 

Educational Remediation, Reinforcement, and Educational Excellence Building Program:

To address shortcomings, reinforce what has been learned, and then exceed the acquired knowledge for educational excellence (From 6th grade to 12th grade)…

Civic Service

Support and (re)direct individuals with diverse profiles, who are distant from institutional systems, towards:

  • Initial training
  • Continuing education
  • Social and professional integration

Support and Guidance Program for Youth and Adults in Disruption (DAO)

Establish shared observations for the construction of a common project in the fields of:

  • Support and professional planning
  • Professional mobility

Cinema at the Heart of the City

Programming in collaboration with the Cinema l’Alhambra on societal themes:

▪ « First Urgencies » (E. Gueret, 2022), Alhambra-AP-HM/Le Sel de la Vie (13/01/2022)

▪ « Each and Every Moment » (N. Philibert, 2018), Alhambra-AP-HM/Le Sel de la Vie (13/01/2022)

▪ « Trajectories of Medical Students’ Lives in the Social and Solidarity-Based Médenpharmakiné Prep School » (O. Pekmezian, 2024), a partnership between Alhambra-13 Prod/Le Sel de la Vie

Our mission: to overcome inequalities and surpass our limits.

Render obsolete the assertion of the artist Ben that sums up all the studies on inequalities in living situations, trajectories: ‘Coming from prevents becoming‘ to make it: ‘Coming from… should not… should no longer prevent… from becoming.’

Defying Determinisms

Committed to eliminating barriers, obstacles, and limitations that hinder the fulfillment of individual potential.

Breaking Path Inequalities

Active in the fight to balance life trajectories, regardless of origins.

Toward a Strategy of Empowerment and Social Cohesion

Our strategy relies on a participative approach, rooted in the lived experiences and skills of our audiences. We work towards :


  • Establishing shared observations, grounded in concrete realities and potential actions.
  • Actively collaborating to develop support strategies that promote change and empowerment.
  • Engaging with institutional and private stakeholders to generate outcomes that strengthen social inclusion, professional integration, and community cohesion.
  • Co-designing a dedicated training module on the eco-revolution in the healthcare industry, resonating with current environmental challenges.

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They support us

The 2023 edition of the ‘Inspiration in Social and Solidarity Economy Awards’ by the Crédit Coopératif Foundation recognizes ESS (Social and Solidarity Economy) actors, committed and ‘inspired’ organizations implementing socially remarkable and useful projects throughout France.

Among the 886 applications received nationwide this year, The Salt of Life has been awarded the Social and Solidarity Economy Inspiration Prize by the Crédit Coopératif Foundation, achieving recognition as the Departmental and Regional laureate.

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